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Over 15 years ago we received a call from one of our clients with a request for help.  They needed a solution that would allow them to manage the placement of Advertising within all of their member and non-member newspapers. We reviewed their needs and requirements and not long after, Ad-Vantage was created.

Fast forward to today and now Ad-Vantage has become a complete ad placement system that continues to meet the needs of the Ad Placement industry.  Ad-Vantage continues to grow and provide new technology for the Industry now and into the future.

But the development, installation and support of Ad-Vantage is just a piece of the bigger picture here at Customware.  Our primary goal is to provide business solutions that will help bring efficiency and productivity to businesses.

Take a few minutes to review “What We Do” and see the depth of service that we provide. Thank you for your interest.


What We Do?


Business Needs Analysis – Analysis of your business goals and needs to ensure the best possible solution to successfully meet those objectives from Network infrastructure to business workflow.

Business Process Analysis – Help streamline your business processes by reviewing what you currently do and then help you run more efficiently and work smarter not harder.

Business IT Services

Camera Systems – Surveillance of your business has become an ever-growing need. Our systems utilize modern technology to help you keep an eye on your business anytime from anywhere.

Hardware Sales and Service – There is a difference between consumer grade and business grade equipment, and it can make a world of difference between a dependable network and business loss.  Hardware is expensive and should not be treated as disposable. Knowing the right provider who can support your hardware saves money by knowing when to fix a piece of equipment and when to replace it.

Disaster Recovery – Providing a system that is in place for the worst-case scenario can mean the difference between keeping and losing all you have worked. By developing a plan of action, you are prepared for the worst, which brings great peace of mind.

Web Development – Web presence is a must in today’s business world. Web site development that is clean and professional can propel your company ahead of your competition.

Custom Programming Services – 99% of all software usually provides 80% of your business needs. Custom programming fills that gap and helps your software really work for you.

Software Sales – The correct selection of software to meet your business needs affordability and efficiently can mean all the difference to your success. Our goal is to provide what you need without waste.

Data Integration – The business that moves ahead of the market is the one whose various business systems integrate and cooperate with each other. We help select and implement the right systems for your job.

Business Systems

OPEN SYSTEMS® – Open Systems Accounting Software is a powerful multi-platform accounting package. It provides a modular approach to meet your needs now and in the future.

TRAVERSE® – TRAVERSE is the Microsoft Windows counterpart to OSAS for those who desire a 100% Windows accounting solution. It, too, is modularized and offers a wide variety of applications.

Ad-Vantage® Ad Placement – Advertising placement software specific to the Press Association industry that provides the back office solution for the one call, one bill business model.

Custom Program Development – Our programming staff has worked over the years to add our very own improvements and make those available to our clients who need them. We also work with you on specific needs and can write custom code to meet those needs.

Barcoded Inventory System® (BIS) – BIS is a complete suite of modules designed to make managing your inventory much easier, faster and more accurate. BIS has several modules from simple Physical Inventory to Production material and Production labor.

Hosted Accounting Software – An alternative to purchasing and maintaining your own servers. Our service provides and maintains your server while you access your own dedicated server remotely.

Web Services

Virtual Servers – An alternative to purchasing and maintaining your own servers. Our service provides and maintains your server while you access your own dedicated server remotely.

Virtual Workstations – Our service provides and maintains your workstations while you access and control your virtual workstation via an internet connection.

Off-Site Backup – One aspect of a disaster recovery system, Off-Site Backup assures you that no matter what happens, you will not lose your data.

Basic 10 gigabytes of storage on one of our remote servers

Plus 50 gigabytes of storage on one of our remote servers

Premium Unlimited storage space on one of our remote servers

Web Site Hosting – Creating a web site is only part of the picture; you also need a place for your web site to reside where it will offer a continuous web presence for your business. Our three plan levels have everything you need to create and publish your own site and include features such as email accounts, databases and addon domains. We even have a managed service level for those who prefer that we do the work.

Dynamic DNS – For use when you need to be able to Virtual Private Network (VPN) into your home or business without having a static IP address.

Email, Spam & Virus Filtering – Reduce the flow of junk email and protect your communications from the threat of viruses and malware.

eBusiness – B2B and B2C web stores that turn your web site into a profit center. These managed services have two levels that include features such as a catalog of products, order entry system, quantity level and customer specific pricing, online history of orders, order status inquiry, and remote administration. Batch updates of pricing, automatic data transfer and update of order status from OSAS or Traverse are also available.

DeliverMyDocs® – Solving the problem of sending files that are too large to email without the need of saving to disc or pen drive and mailing. You can send an unlimited number of 2 GB files (basic version) or with the Plus Account you can send unlimited number of 5 GB files without clogging up valuable email communications.   

Time and Attendance

On-Time WebTime and attendance system via the cloud, you can collect time from anywhere with any device with an Internet connection. You can even utilize the OT1000 Time clock to collect time, and it sends it automatically to On-Time Web in real-time increments.

Additional Offerings

Credit Card Processing -By using our credit card processing partners, the chances are good that your fees will be reduced. Stand Alone X-Charge/X-Web – Utilizes a web portal so you can do away with your credit card machine.

CWI Online – Online web store for networking and business computing needs with some of the best pricing that can be found online anywhere – CWI Online Store

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