a Great Time at the Nashville NAM 2014!


No one has a bad time in Nashville!  and the 2014  NAM was no exception.  It was a wonderful event that drew a great turnout this year.  Special thanks to Greg Sherrill and Robyn Gentile from Tennessee Press Association for the “Special” Tennessee Goodie bags that included Moon Pies and Jack Daniels.  Who can beat that!   Rarely do I get the opportunity to meet with the majority of our Ad-Vantage users all in one location.  It was good to chat with them and talk about Ad-Vantage.

Everyone was very welcoming and open to discuss Ad-Vantage.  Many of the press associations showed an interest in Ad-Vantage who had not in the past.  I look forward to conversations with each of them. I am grateful that I was able to be a part of the event this year and look forward to seeing everyone again in the future. 

Doug and Tricia Crew NAM 2014

Spending time with Doug & Tricia Crews from the Missouri Press Association  enjoying a glass of wine, some great music at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville.